November Favorites!


Hey! I hope you are well. Finals are coming up, as well as Christmas and the New Year so I am so ready to get to December! But first, let´s start it off with my November Favorites!

First are pens. I know I’m not the only one who is all about stationery! I picked this pack of 3 from Michael’s. I didn’t know it when I bought them, but they are actually 3 different sized points. The thinnest sized point is my favorite, but because of the size of this pen, the point tends to push into the pen itself. ( You can see it in this photo) These pens also bleed through, but I just like them so much, I can’t stop using them! pentips1 (1).jpg

 This concealer form Flower Beauty. Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line. I love Drew Barrymore and the fact that she made this line cruelty-free! I picked up the Daily Brightening Undereye Cover Cream in DB4. This is the 3 darkest shade out of 4. While there is not alot of color range in this collection, I am really liking this concealer. It sets my undereyes very nicely and I love the icy cold feeling of the rollerball applicator. The rollerball also has it’s faults. It takes a few rolls for the product to come out. This waterbased concealer is nice and lightweight while also providing full coverage. It does set very quickly so I do have to blend it out as soon as I apply the product. Overall, I really like this product and am excited to try more form Flower Beauty!flowerconceal (1)

Highlight Brush- I have been using the best highlighter brush I’ve come across. I love the soft and tapered bristles, how it picks up enough product without clumping it all over my cheeks and that is the perfect size to apply exactly where I want it! I received this in my November Ipsy Bag and I am all about it!DSC_3887 (2).jpg

The Ordinary is a brand that has slow been taking over my skincare area and makeup bag. I love using toners because it makes my skin feel refreshed after cleansing. This Glycolic Acid 7% toner has a very slight rose scent and is also made from Tasmanian Pepperberry, Aloe and  Ginseng. I absolutely love the smell of this. It did sting the first time I used it, but after that first initial application, the sting is either super slight or nonexistent depending on if I exfoliate that night. Using this product this month has made my skin look glowy and overall healthy. This brand is cruelty, gluten, soy, nut, the list goes on as to how clean this product is, and I really feel it.     tonerdeciem (1).jpg

Bath and Body Works has really been stepping up their game on their products. This  was a part of their fall line, so I am not sure if it still in stock, but it smells amazing. I am very anti-vanilla scented anything, but this really surprised me! The almond scent really makes me smell so deeply warm and I love how this lotion is made with Olive Oil. It is super thick and almost feels like it’s melting into my skin. I need to make a trip to BBWand take a peek at their winter line.     

bbwalvalotion (1).jpg

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Warby Parker Winter Collection!


Hey I hope you are all well!  I am super excited to write this post about Warby Parker’s stunning new Winter Collectionincludingsome hip and happening glasses inspired by precious stone and metals. But before I talk about the collection, I want to back up a bit and give a bit more information about Warby Parker and all of the cool stuff they do. 

I have been eyeing this brand for a few years now because their glasses are right up my alley when it comes to style and I love their try 5 for free program, where you can choose any 5 pairs  for 5 days and they ship them right to your door at no charge! This idea is genius because the process of finding the perfect pair is a bit more difficult if you can’t see how you look in them. Once you find the ones that give you that Hallelujah moment, go to their site, purchase them and send the try on pairs back and you are set!

Most importantly is their amazing and selfless program, called Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. That means every time a pair is purchased, they give another pair to one of the 2.5 billion people in 50+ countries who are in need of glasses.  Needless to say, Warby Parker is pretty awesome.EVERGREEN_09_Muriel_Remi_Daisy_Durand_046.jpg

Now on to their Winter Collection!

This Winter Collection includes 10 uniquely different pairs of glasses inspired by precious stones and metals, which is already sounding quite interesting, right?  This collection has something for the quirky college student and the fashion forward lawyer, with glasses ranging in styles like a cat-eye pair in Blush Tortoise to a semi-rimless pair in Rose Gold! I personally love that each pair is so bold in it’s own way. 


Looking at their collection I genuinely fell in love with all of these, but two stood out to me the most. The first was Eugene Small in Rose Crystal. Something about big round transparent glasses is super fashionable, yet effortless. And can we talk about the pinky Rose Crystal shade of these as well? I’m not a pink gal whatsoever, but these really made me fall in love with the color and now I want light pink everything, including these glasses.   WP-Eugene-Sm-600-Eyeglasses-Front-A2-sRGB

The other pair that I loved were the Felix pair in Sandalwood Matte. This pair is an awesome take on the basic black squared glasses many tend to have (Me included). This pair is such a cool roundish-square shape and the color is light brown with a Sandalwood Matte finish, which to me, is something I have yet to see. I love how different they are without being too out there. I can definitely see myself getting this pair for my boyfriend.WP-Felix-210-Eyeglasses-Front-A3-sRGB

This collection is overall super stunning and with the inspiration taken from stones and metals, this is one of their best collections to date. The holiday season is here so these would make for a great gift as well. Go take a look at their full collection,
choose 5 pairs to try on at home and see what you think! Because as I said before, with every pair purchased, another is given to someone in need. 

Which pair was your favorite out of this collection? Let me know if you pick any up for  yourself or as a gift!

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Thrift Shop Sweaters!

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Hey and welcome back! Thrift store shopping is something me and my mom have been doing for as long as I can remember. Sweaters are an absolute must during these cold months so on this trip, I went on a hunt for some cozy sweaters! 

The first one is a thin beige sweater from Old Navy. I love sweaters that are thin enough to layer. It is so soft and I cannot wait to start incorporating this into my wardrobe!oldnavycreamsweat (1) (1).jpgoldnavysweater (1).jpg

We all need a nice super chunky sweater. I was on a lookout for a red one, until I saw this rich brown colored sweater. I had to take it! This sweater is one that I see myself wearing all the time and after wearing it this week, it fits perfectly!brown sweater (1)brownclose (1).jpg

Next is a nice flowy  knit light tan ASOS brand sweater. This was a size too big, but I loved how perfectly unperfectly oversized it was. This is sweater I can definitely wear for Thanksgiving after i’ve eaten too much and need to hide my food baby.asossweat (1).jpgcloseasos (1).jpg

Next is a thick white turtle-neck GAP sweater. This sweater is a big worn as you can see from the stretched out sleeves, but I have been on the hunt for a white turtle neck and really loved the super soft material of this one. turtlewhite (1).jpgcloseturtle (1).jpg

Last is also another beige super thin sweater top from GAP. I love how easy this top is to style. It fits so well and while it is not like the white turtle neck I lasted mentioned, It is totally a favorite from this bunch. sweaterfeature (1) (1)

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October Favorites!


Hey and welcome back! I hate to have been away for so long but school has been taking up most of my attention. I have a bit more time today to write, take photos and post this so let’s talk about my monthly favorites!

This month was full of more music than beauty, skincare, etc. so start let’s start with the shows I was able to go see a few artists and even my boyfriend play his first show with his new band…

The first show I was able to go to was Lights. I have been listening to her since I started highschool and never actually thought I would see her, but she was so amazing live. Her voice is so beautiful. Her music is more electro/indie.IMG_0610 (1)

Next was my boyfriend’s local band called True Bliss. They have The Killers feel and they even did a cover of one of their songs which was so cool. If you are a fan of White Lies, Turnover or The Cure, you’d probably like them! I am so excited for them to release music for everyone to listen.

Stranger Things Season 2: I have one episode left to finish this season, but I am absolutely in love with this show and it’s characters. Without giving out any spoilers, this season is more comedic, we see more of each individual character and it’s just so so good.   

Last was Turnover. Their album Good Nature is so beautiful and melodic and I absolutely loved seeing them in a smaller setting.472EE1CA- (1).jpg

While I didn’t get to see this band when they came to Nashville, I have been listening to Alvvays this month since my boyfriend showed them to me and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands. This band has an 80’s feel and the front woman of this band has such an amazing voice.

It Cosmetic’s Powder: This powder was in my monthly Ipsy bag and I have really been liking how it gives my face a matte and pore less canvas. definitely think I will be buying the full sized version of this product.byebyepore (1).jpg

Bath and Body Works Candle- This chestnut and clove candle smells so good and kinda smells like chai tea. I love getting candles during the fall because they give my home such coziness. bbwoct (1).jpg


Catrice Cosmetics Smoothing Primer- I keep seeing this brand at Ulta and I wanted to try  more from them so I picked up this primer. It does an awesome job at blurring out my pores. I have noticed a difference since using it and I can’t wait to try out more from Catrice. catrriceprimer.jpg


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Review: Milani 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer!


Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well! Lately, I’ve really been on top of the types of makeup brands I buy from that are cruelty free. Milani is a brand I don’t use too often but when it came time to buy a new foundation, I wanted to try a cruelty free brand. I have been using the FitMe foundation from Maybelline for several months and while it is an amazing foundation, I cannot keep using it knowing that animals were tested on for this product to be sold. 

That being said I picked up Milani’s 2 in 1 foundation and wanted to talk about how well it works for my normal/oily skin. When I was reading reviews about this they were mostly positive so I was even more excited to give this a try.

I chose the shade Warm Beige 05. I am not very good at picking the right shade for my skintone, but this one, as read in the review, seems to oxidize, so I picked a lighter shade and it fits my skin so well. This foundation/concealer claims the following: Medium to full coverage, lightweight, oil-free formula, longwearing, water resistant and sweatproof.

Claims that this is a medium to full coverage product it pretty spot on. I find that I can build it up to be full coverage if I have areas that need a bit more product.foundationclaim.jpg

At first, I did not agree that this foundation was lightweight, but after a few uses, I noticed that once it settled onto my skin, it felt super lightweight. The oil-free formula still tends to cause my natural oils to come through around my t-zone area especially around my nose and chin. I don’t tend to use powder all over my face with any other foundation, because I hate making my skin look too matte, but if I don’t set my face with powder using this foundation, I will look shiny.foundationfeat (1).jpg

This foundation/concealer seems quite long wearing. I go to class from 8:00- 1:45 then to work 3:30-9:00 so I need something that can last quite a while and never feel like I have to touch up my foundation. It stays put through sweat and possible tears.

The smell of this is a bit fragrant, but once set into the skin, the scent goes away for me. I don’t tend to be picky about scents of products, but I know there are some that are.

Overall, I love this product. It has the stay power and a super nice coverage.The color range seems a bit small in stores, but on their site, they carry many more. I am so happy to have found a cruelty-free foundation that works and is affordable!IMG_0285 (1)

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October Ipsy Bag! 


Hey! I hope you are well. October has been a busy month so far with school and work so when my ipsy bag comes in the mail, I get to relax a bit and play around with the products! I am finally on fall break so typing up this post is perfect to kick it off.  The bag itself screams all things fall and Halloweeny. I love the lace detail it has and the shade of red it is. This months products are pretty good from just swatching them. I have been eyeing one of these products for years now, so I am excited to see how I like it. ipsyoctproducts.jpg

The product I am talking about is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide in liner in Perversion. This liner I heard about from a few youtubers and was curious about it. But with it being a liner pencil, I wasn’t expecting it to stay out and not smudge. When I swatched this liner on the back of my hand, It was nice and soft, went on super easy and it had a lot of pigment to it. Now for the smudging and fading I was expecting. There was absolutely no smudging whatsoever. This liner really impressed me and I haven’t even properly used it! ublinerperv.jpglinerswatch.jpg

Next is a shadow from Meech and Mia. It is their loose shadow in purple. The swatch I did is so pretty. It’s more of a silvery purple color with greenish shades. I like that when it catches the light, it looks like three to four different colors.   meech&miasha.jpgmeechsawtch

Next is another highlight from Doucce. It is a pearly pink color that gives off such a pretty shine. doucceshad.jpgdoucceswatch.jpg

Next is an eye cream from the brand Skyn Iceland. Icelandic Relief Eye Cream has Glacial Flower Extract. This has a custard like consistency and it feels so thick and rich. I cannot wait to hopefully give my under eyes some relief. eyeskyn.jpg Last is from It Cosmetics and it’s their Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder. I have used products from this brand before and I have never been disappointed by their products so I am looking forward to how this words for me.itcosmetics powder.jpg itpowder.jpg

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Review: Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette 


Hey and welcome back! I hope you’re well. Years ago when Kat Von D’s makeup line was released, I had to try her products! The first product I picked up was her contour palette and it upgraded my makeup collection immensely. I found myself using this palette so much and I just picked up my second contour palette after finally getting through my first palette. So let’s talk about it! 

First, Kat Von D is vegan and has made her products free from animal testing, parabens, etc which is always a huge plus for me and many others. contourpalette (1).jpg

The palette comes with 6 shades. 3 light and 3 contour shades. katbackpall (1).jpg

The light colors can be used as a highlight, a base for shadow, and/or brightener. The shades of the light side are from left to right: Levitation (light pink), Lyric(yellow tint) and Lucid (peachy tint)katlight (1).jpgI really love using Lyric the most. It has a yellow tint that really gives my olive beige skin tone a nice  bright look  without any color. 

The shades for the contour side range from Subconscious (muted grayish brown), Shadowplay ( reddish brown)  and Sombre ( dark brown)

I have found myself using  Subconscious the most because it just gives the illusion if shadow without the reddish or dark tone. I contour my face, nose and sometimes my jawline to really define my face. It has no reddish tone that I typically tend to get from brown shadows. This one is perfect for my skin tone. shadekatvond (1).jpg

The mirror in this palette is the perfect size. And I just love palette with a handy mirror in it in case I don’t have one around anywhere else. katvondcontourpalette (1)

The palette design itself is beautiful. It has such a whimsical gothic feel to it and it stunning to have around. 

While the price for this palette isn’t the cheapest, I can say with utmost certainty that it is worth the money. This palette will last you such a long time and you can customize your own shade. 

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