Tips for controlling breakouts!

Hello! I hope you are well. Today I am talking about what I do when I see or feel a nasty breakout begin to bubble up. I've gotten a few products together to form a team that will always stop my planet zit in its tracks!ย  The first thing I go for when I feel … Continue reading Tips for controlling breakouts!


Winter Skincare 2017

Hello hello! Winter is here and while it's not as cold as winter should be in TN this year (global warming), my skin has gotten adjusted to this time of the year so in some areas around my face, it is dry flaky. Dry skin makes it near to impossible for my makeup to look … Continue reading Winter Skincare 2017

Review:Vanity Planet Spin Brush

Hello hello! Let's talk facial brushes.ย  There are so many out on the market and I myself have gotten about 2 different ones before I came up the skincare planet that is.....Vanity Planet.ย  Of course I have seen VP's facial brushes all over Instagram and even YouTube and let me tell you, I had been … Continue reading Review:Vanity Planet Spin Brush