Go To Lipsticks!

Hello hello! I hope you are well. I recently made a lipsitck post of all of my favorite lip colors, but I want to make a post about my go to, everyday lipsticks. Like most, I love my standard nude color but I also have one shade that gives a 90s brown spin on the everyday lip color. So let’s get to it!

Shroom from Lime Crime is such the perfect nude brown color. It has quickly become a staple in my lipstick collection. I love the staying power of this product and the 90s tone it has when applied with a darker eye. This color is so versatile that it matches with everylook. I wore this with orange hued eyes and that color combo was perfect. The one thing I will mention is the smell. At first, it wasn’t too bad, but after a bit, that is all  I can smell until it dries on my lips. After that, the smell is gone.lcshroom.jpgshroomswatch .jpg

The first is from NYX. It is from their soft matte lip cream collection. London is the perfect color for me. It is the color of my lips but it enhances it so much more. I love that it feels like a lip balm when applied but once dried, it feels so light and creamy. I wear this color so much and have it in my bag at all times. It matches every look I am wearing that day and looks so natural. abudhabilipcream.jpg


This lip color is also from NYX. Abu Dhabi is also from their soft matte lip cream line. It has more of a pink shade. I don’t tend to go for the pink shades because my skin color is towards the olive color. However, this color has just the right amount of pink. It’s such the perfect shade for my skin color. I go for Abu Dhabi when I have more of a neutral lip and want to add a bit of color. lipcreamlast.jpg


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May Favorites!

Hello! May has come to a close, but I have been left with sooo many favorites from the month. From books to fashion…so here we go!

TV Shows

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King – This standup was such a breath of fresh air for a comedy act.  Hasan is a comedy genius that made me laugh out loud one second and made me tear up the next. I went on a rollercoaster ride along with him and the things he lived through. From talks about family, racism, prom to being hired to be on The Daily Show Hasan Minhaj is a fireball of talent and sincerity. Favorite comedian status?…..Uhm yes. 

Better Call Saul – Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. There’s like 3 seasons and you are just getting into the show? Yes and I have been missing out. Better Call Saul is taken from the life of Walt White’s interesting Lawyer, Saul Goodman. It goes through “Saul’s” life of becoming an establised lawyer and the obstacles he has to go through. Season 2 ended on a cliff hanger and I cannot wait until Season 3 hits Netflix.

Master Of None: Season 2 – I loved the first season and thought it couldn’t get any better this time around for season 2, but I was so so wrong. Season 2 of MON connected to me in such deep way. The cinemetography was a work of art as it was focused on people and the way they live, love, work, and become happy with their truest self. This show is so much more than trying to date in New York while trying to land an acting job. Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang are the creators and writers of this masterpiece and do such a good job at making this show so deep that makes you truly feel something. Aziz Ansari directed several episodes and does such a beautiful job at it. 


Into the Wild – I have read this book before, but it’s just such a good book that while sad, has such a deep message. Happiness is only real when shared. We all as humans, want to share happiness, because then, we know it is real and we know that it’s not just a dream. Getting that new job, graduating highschool/college, overcoming that obstacle you’ve been fighting to defeat. Sharing that feeling of happiness and spreading it all over, creates happiness that in turn, multiplies. 

#Girlboss – Another book that I’ve read but I have to talk about. This book is going to get yourself off of that couch and go after what you want. After this school semester, I struggled to get back to blogging, but after reading this book again, that fire and motivation to get back to writing posts, taking photos, editing and posting was came alive again. I love taking photos, I love writing and I love creating. This book was the firewood that reignited that flame in me again.

What I know For Sure : Oprah Winfrey – I remember coming home from school and going into my sister’s room. We’d always watch Oprah together as I’d do my homework. Since then, Oprah has been a huge source of inspiration for me. I came across this book and I became that much more inspired to be postive, work hard and keep going no matter what gets in my way. This book is one that will make you look at your life and see that you are not your past. You can do better if you don’t look at the negatives. You can do better if you love, live and work hard at life. Go Oprah. 


NYX Cosmetic Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder – This highlight called Synthetica is described on the site as being a pink based highlight with gold. It is such a rose gold goddess color that screams summer. I love that hue it leaves on the tip of my nose or the high points of my cheeks. The formula is super pigmented and while it is a pink based highlight, it doesn’t look pink or orange on my cheekbones. It just looks glowy. DSC_1508FullSizeR (1)Urban Decay Afterglow Highlight in Sin- This 8 hour powder highlight makes me look like such a disco ball and I am all about it. A simple tap of this product will give such a strong highlight. It is the longest lasting highlight I have had in a long minute. 

FullSizeR (2).jpgFullSizeR (3).jpgDeciem Hyaluronic Acid – I made a post about this product a few weeks back so I l, of course am going to add it to my monthly favorites. This product absorbs so quickly and leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. To read more about my thoughts on this product go back in my page and read all about it!


Garnier Micellear Water- I now understand the hype with these micellear water products. I get it, I get it. This does not leave the slightest residue of product that coconut oil, or makeup wipes leave on my skin. I have tried them all and I cannot stand that residual gunk. This on the otherhand, leaves my face feeling soft, makeup free without the over rubbing, etc, and pretty clean. The love is real for this stuff. 



Forever 21 Faux Suede Buckled Mules in Rose- While this item may be my only fashion favorite of the month, it is a step outside of my comfort zone. I got these shoes for my birthday which was April 30th, but I have been wearing these shoes nonstop since then in May. I am someone that does not wear color and much less pink. However, when I laid my eyes on these babies, I had to have them. They elevate an outfit and make a casual t-shirt and jeans look so feminine put together and classy. My love for these shoes makes me step out of my neutral color wardrobe and add a pop of color. 


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May Newbies

Hello Hello! After months of non-stop homework, writing papers and working on projects, my Spring semester is finally over and I am now on break for a few months so why not celebrate with new makeup!?

I made my first Makeup Revolution purchase today and I’m pretty excited about it! Their Liquid Eye Primer and Sealant has an oil consistency. It feels quite light so I hope it does the job of keeping my shadow and liner all together!


The next is one that has been talked about for years and I am just now trying it out! Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer is one I have been hearing about for so long, so I have no idea how I’ve never tried it! 


NYX cosmetics is my favorite brand and I am always elated when I buy a new product from them. This time around I picked up an eye shadow base and an eyebrow pencil. I am so antsy to try the eyebrow pencil! 


DSC_1426 (2).jpg

New makeup always makes my day so I will be trying all of these products tomorrow morning even though I have no plans but to clean my apartment. It’s the little things in life. If you have tried any of these products let me know how you liked them!!!

Much love, 


Review: NYX Faux Whites Eye Brightener

Hello, hello! Spring has sprung and so has NYX’s liner game. Using nude liners in my waterline is the step that always brings my look together. Lately, I have been using this chunky white liner from Wet N’ Wild because I needed SOMETHING to make me look awake. However, this product made my eyes water and it would fade within the hour. Then I made a visit to Ulta (My mothership)

NYX is the first isle I go to when I head over to Ulta. I planned to restock on mascara and a basic nude liner. Then the seas parted and my eyes steer to these beautiful pastel packaged liners. I didn’t even question it and grabbed a few colors. The pigment on the back of my hand was super pigmented and did not easily rub off my skin. 

The next day I got ready to work a 12 hr shift and thought this would be a good test to see how these bad boys work. I wear contacts and working such a long day, they tend to water and refafter so long but these liners really did the job. I am so impressed with the staying power these have without making my eyes water. The color stayed in my awaterline and never fully faded. These are the strongest nude liners to stay in my waterline.

I wore Vanilla in this picture and it stayed on during my 12 hr shift:


These liners come in 8 lovely pastel hues from pinks to greens and beyond. They are the standard white liner but with a touch of baby pink, blue, lavender, yellow, etc. 

I purchased Seashell which is a pale pink:


And Vanilla, a pastel yellow:


The colors do not show too much, it’s simply a gentle wash of color. I love these little liners. It’s an Easter spin on white/nude liners. 

Buy one or all of them here!

5 Holy Grail Products!

Hello hello! 

We all have those products that we can’t imagine not having. Those products that we will repurchase and not even question it. They are out staples that give our conscious peace, because we know it’s a perfect product and won’t let us down. These are my 5 holy grail products!

I have gone through so many eyeliners from both E.L.F to Benefit and none of them have given me what I wanted until Hard Candy’s Walk The Line Liner in Asphalt. When I bought this liner, I was super intimidated to use it because the brush is long and the formula is so watery. But after using it a few times, I noticed that this liner is so so beautifully dark, it stays where you apply it and it will not fade or smudge once it is dry, and with using fake lashes, it doesn’t gloop onto my lashes. I could go on and on about this liner but all in all, I LOVE THIS LINER. 


The next is a product that I have recently been using, but I can already tell it is going to be in  my makeup bag for a while. It is NYX’s Skinny Mascara in black. This mascara surprised me when I saw the brush. It is the smallest brush I have ever seen, but as soon as I used it, I fell in love with how it grabbed all of those lash hairs on my bottom lid. It gave me a doll eye look without the clumps. This mascara is super dark and really gives my lashes such length.


The next product is one I talked about sooo much when I first started my blog, but I am still using it every single day and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it. It is the ever so loved Morphe’s 35o palette. The 35o is like the epitome of a perfect eyeshadow for me. This palette can create so many warm toned looks whether it be matte or shimmer. I am still all about this palette.(Mine is very messy and gross but it just shows just how much I have used this product)


The next is a very simple product but to me, it makes all the difference. It is a nude liner from Wet N’ Wild. There are so many brands that sell nude liner but this one from W&N is just as good and it cost $1. This liner is the difference from looking like I had no sleep to looking like I’ve slept for a week straight. Apart from using this as a waterline liner, I also found that this is perfect for fixing up eyeliner mistakes. 

The last is a highlight that I have also been using consistently since I purchased it. Coloupop’s Wisp is the perfect highlight for my skintone. It is perfect for a subtle highlight, but it is also buildable to create a dewy, luminous glow. I love that this is a creamy consistency so it will lay soft on my skin instead of powdery like other highlighters tend to do. This was my first Colourpop purchase this highlight is all things perfect. 





September Favorites!

Hello, hello again!

September was definitely a month of many favorites. From beauty to clothing, to a new tattoo, this month has been quite awesome! Let’s get started with beauty products.

The first is from Freeman Beauty Infusion and it’s their Overnight Brightening mask  with Hibiscus and Vitamin C. This water-gel mask is infused with serum and is meant to be worn overnight. It is like nothing I’ve ever used. What I do Is cleanse my face, apply eye cream, and moisturizer as normal. Then I go in with this mask and apply a thin layer. It goes on so smooth and sinks into my skin so quickly so I don’t have to worry about getting it all over the bed. In the morning, I simply rub the excess into my skin and voila! My skin is sooooo hydrated and bright!


The next product is a 98% Aloe Vera Gel. I’m not sure what brand it is from as it is in another language. I love using more natural products for my skin and whatnot. I use this gel during my night routine as a moisturizer and it smells and feels so refreshing and leaves my skin quite soft and smelling like an cute little aloe plant.


One of the items from my September Ipsy bag is from Tarte. It’s the Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara. The fact that is is a vegan product makes me super happy but if you just look at the bristles on this mascara you will fall for it too. This mascara makes my lashes look so full and long and even takes those super short lashes, giving a doll effect.


The next product is from the lovely NYX and it’s their Dark Circle Concealer in Light. This concealer is infused with coconut oil which makes this look anything but cakey and instead, conceals my darker under eyes and  leaves them hydrated and ready for concealer.


My last beauty product is from my September Ipsy bag and it’s the Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Black. This is a felt tip liner and usually I stay away from eyeliners like these, but after receiving it in my glam bag, I really love using it to wing out my liner! The tip of the liner doesn’t bend and it’s actually easy to use. The felt applicator is super precise and the formula is so black and it does not budge!


The next category of favorites is clothing!

During the month of September, I have been wearing this denim jacket to class, work, to walk Jax and pretty much everywhere else. I love anything denim and when I saw this jacket I didn’t think about it twice about it.  It feels like it’s already been worn in and is such a soft denim. The dye and color of the buttons are the epitome of the perfect denim jacket for me. I love this jacket!


I have been on a kick with Forever 21’s V-neck shirts. I am wearing one of them as I write this post. They fit so well and are soft and cozy. I usually tuck it into my high waisted jeans and throw on a denim jacket or cardigan and i’m ready for the day.


Having slip-on shoes are my favorite and these tan faux suede slip-ons have a slight platform which give me just a bit more height and are nice and cushioned and I honestly feel like I’m wearing slippers to class.


These last items are just randoms that don’t fit into categories above but I wanted to mention them:

The first is Bob Dylan. His music is still rings so true today and is so talented. My favorite song by him at the moment is “I Want You” The music in this song is so happy and upbeat. Of course, Dylan’s voice is magically raspy  and hypnotizing.

A few movies that I have been loving includes Snowden and Almost Famous. Snowden was such an interesting and amazing movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt played the main actor and did such a good job. He even changes his voice to make it sound more like the real person and never once did I notice that he was losing that voice.

The next movie is Almost Famous. This movie is my all time favorite and I always seem to find myself wanting to watch it and saying lines to my boyfriend. “I’m incendiary too, man!” This movie always puts me in a good mood and the scene where they are all singing along to Tiny Dancer, as cheesy as it sounds, it makes me smile everytime.

The last favorite of September is a tattoo I got at the very beginning of the month. It is two black and grey flowers. One is a peony and the other a rose. I had it done in East Nashville and I am very happy with them because it they represent people who are very important to me. I have always wanted flower tattoos and I got these done to represent my mom and sister I am in love with this tattoo.