Book Haul!

Hello! I hope you are well. Today is all about books. I have been reading so much this summer and I love learning about spirituality and about myself. I have had so many  books on my wishlist but never wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and spend too much. One day I was told about this bargain bookstore in Nashville called McKay’s used/new store. I was finally able to go and was amazed. They had everything from electronics, to records to cassettes to any book you could think of. Once I found the spirituality section, I was there for a while. These are the books I picked up!books (1).jpg

The first is called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. I remember reading this book in Spanish class. My teacher knew I didn’t exactly need to do the work because I knew spanish so he gave me this book to read. I loved the story so when I saw this book at McKay’s, I didn’t even question it. I’m so excited to read this book again.alchem2.jpg

The next is a book that I’ve heard Oprah talk about alot. I believe she once called this book her favorite. I’ve read this author before and I like how eye opening his words are so why not read this and see what this book has to say!neweartbook.jpg

Iyanla Vanzant is a such a powerful speaker and I love her strength and philosophy about life and empowering yourself. I’m super excited to read her written work. If you want to learn about what she has to say, go to YouTube and you’ll love her too.iyanlabook.jpg

This last book is the book that first opened my eyes and mind to spirituality and the idea that you can get what you want and feel good. I read this book so much that it literally fell apart. It turned into quite a used book so spending $2 on a book that is about $25 at Barnes and Noble was a no-brainer. I love this book and while I don’t follow it to the letter, I love the majority of what it has to say. secfret2.jpg

I’m so excited to talk to you about what I thought about them in an upcoming post. What type of books do you tend to read?

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Apartment Decor!

Hello! So, I have been living in Nashville for about 3 years now and I have been changing and rearranging my place on and off since then. Early last week, I decided to simplify my space to what really makes me happy. Plants, inspiring women, and banners made the cut so let’s look at what I did to my living room!


The Audrey Hepburn frame was purchased at BigLots, but I’ve had it for so long, I really can’t remember. The good thing is that this print is sold pretty much everywhere online if you cannot find it in stores. Audrey Hepburn is a person that was so giving and good and she inspires me to be a good person who gives all she can for the good of others. To have a photo of her in my space was necessary. 


The mirror to the right of the AH photo is something I found at Goodwill. I love how one never knows what they are going to find when they step inside a thrift store. Mirrors are something I am always drawn to when I go to stores. It makes a space bigger than it actually is. And I loved the diamond shape of this mirror as it is not something not easily found anywhere. 


I love record stores because there is alway so much more than that. There are books, comic, movies art and posters like this one of Rosie The Riveter. I love a good feminist in my space and this one that says “We Can Do It” keeps me motivated to keep going and to not give up. 

wecandoitposter (1).jpg

The next one is an item recently purchased from nonother than 5Below. Yes this wall hanger was $5. As soon as I hung it up, it instantly gave my space an earthy yet simple beauty to it. I love the intricate pattern and the overall tone it gives to my living room. 

macaramehanger (2).jpg

This little shelf was also purchased in Goodwill. It was originally a dark red color, but I decided to paint it while to help it better fit into this area. I have a fake little plant sitting on it and a speaker for when we have a movie night. Again, the diamond shape of this shelf caught my attention instantly. 


And last but not least, this little banner with outlines of a city was one I found in Target. I loved the illustration of the banner and while I didn’t know where I was going to hang it when I first purchaed it, I knew this would give my space such a nice look. I decided to hang in in the corner to give our record player area a nice background. 


See something I didn’t mention? Ask me about it! What does your space look like?

Thanks for reading!