April Birchbox!

hey and welcome back! I recently ended up my membership with Ipsy and I looked into Birchbox and received my first box from them! I just signed up for the month to see how I like the products so let's get to it! The first product was free with a membership signup  and its the … Continue reading April Birchbox!


What’s in my makeup bag?

Hey and welcome back! Taking a peek at other people's makeup bag is always fun so I thought I would do the same and show you what's in my makeup bag! I'm going to talk about the products in the order I use them so lets start with my primer..  The Ordinary High Adherence Silicon Primer- I … Continue reading What’s in my makeup bag?

My yoga essentials!

Hey and welcome back! If you have read my past posts, you'll know I have been doing yoga as part of my spring semester in school. I have been loving going to class and getting mindful and making my body stronger. I wanted to make a post about my yoga gear so let's get to … Continue reading My yoga essentials!

My favorite nude lipsticks!

Hey and welcome back! Nude lips are my all time favorite thing to finish off a look. During the weekend, I play around with different lip products to see how they wear, look and bring together my look. I am not someone who goes super minimal with makeup. I contour, highlight and wear liner almost … Continue reading My favorite nude lipsticks!

My Hair Essentials!

Hey and welcome back! Let's talk hair. Mine is thick and wavy, frizzy when humid out and can get quite oily. I wash it every other day and have compiled a few products that are a must have for my hair to nice and look like I put some effort into it.  The first thing … Continue reading My Hair Essentials!