Thrift Shop Sweaters!

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Hey and welcome back! Thrift store shopping is something me and my mom have been doing for as long as I can remember. Sweaters are an absolute must during these cold months so on this trip, I went on a hunt for some cozy sweaters! 

The first one is a thin beige sweater from Old Navy. I love sweaters that are thin enough to layer. It is so soft and I cannot wait to start incorporating this into my wardrobe!oldnavycreamsweat (1) (1).jpgoldnavysweater (1).jpg

We all need a nice super chunky sweater. I was on a lookout for a red one, until I saw this rich brown colored sweater. I had to take it! This sweater is one that I see myself wearing all the time and after wearing it this week, it fits perfectly!brown sweater (1)brownclose (1).jpg

Next is a nice flowy  knit light tan ASOS brand sweater. This was a size too big, but I loved how perfectly unperfectly oversized it was. This is sweater I can definitely wear for Thanksgiving after i’ve eaten too much and need to hide my food baby.asossweat (1).jpgcloseasos (1).jpg

Next is a thick white turtle-neck GAP sweater. This sweater is a big worn as you can see from the stretched out sleeves, but I have been on the hunt for a white turtle neck and really loved the super soft material of this one. turtlewhite (1).jpgcloseturtle (1).jpg

Last is also another beige super thin sweater top from GAP. I love how easy this top is to style. It fits so well and while it is not like the white turtle neck I lasted mentioned, It is totally a favorite from this bunch. sweaterfeature (1) (1)

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October Favorites!


Hey and welcome back! I hate to have been away for so long but school has been taking up most of my attention. I have a bit more time today to write, take photos and post this so let’s talk about my monthly favorites!

This month was full of more music than beauty, skincare, etc. so start let’s start with the shows I was able to go see a few artists and even my boyfriend play his first show with his new band…

The first show I was able to go to was Lights. I have been listening to her since I started highschool and never actually thought I would see her, but she was so amazing live. Her voice is so beautiful. Her music is more electro/indie.IMG_0610 (1)

Next was my boyfriend’s local band called True Bliss. They have The Killers feel and they even did a cover of one of their songs which was so cool. If you are a fan of White Lies, Turnover or The Cure, you’d probably like them! I am so excited for them to release music for everyone to listen.

Stranger Things Season 2: I have one episode left to finish this season, but I am absolutely in love with this show and it’s characters. Without giving out any spoilers, this season is more comedic, we see more of each individual character and it’s just so so good.   

Last was Turnover. Their album Good Nature is so beautiful and melodic and I absolutely loved seeing them in a smaller setting.472EE1CA- (1).jpg

While I didn’t get to see this band when they came to Nashville, I have been listening to Alvvays this month since my boyfriend showed them to me and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands. This band has an 80’s feel and the front woman of this band has such an amazing voice.

It Cosmetic’s Powder: This powder was in my monthly Ipsy bag and I have really been liking how it gives my face a matte and pore less canvas. definitely think I will be buying the full sized version of this product.byebyepore (1).jpg

Bath and Body Works Candle- This chestnut and clove candle smells so good and kinda smells like chai tea. I love getting candles during the fall because they give my home such coziness. bbwoct (1).jpg


Catrice Cosmetics Smoothing Primer- I keep seeing this brand at Ulta and I wanted to try  more from them so I picked up this primer. It does an awesome job at blurring out my pores. I have noticed a difference since using it and I can’t wait to try out more from Catrice. catrriceprimer.jpg


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Review: Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette 


Hey and welcome back! I hope you’re well. Years ago when Kat Von D’s makeup line was released, I had to try her products! The first product I picked up was her contour palette and it upgraded my makeup collection immensely. I found myself using this palette so much and I just picked up my second contour palette after finally getting through my first palette. So let’s talk about it! 

First, Kat Von D is vegan and has made her products free from animal testing, parabens, etc which is always a huge plus for me and many others. contourpalette (1).jpg

The palette comes with 6 shades. 3 light and 3 contour shades. katbackpall (1).jpg

The light colors can be used as a highlight, a base for shadow, and/or brightener. The shades of the light side are from left to right: Levitation (light pink), Lyric(yellow tint) and Lucid (peachy tint)katlight (1).jpgI really love using Lyric the most. It has a yellow tint that really gives my olive beige skin tone a nice  bright look  without any color. 

The shades for the contour side range from Subconscious (muted grayish brown), Shadowplay ( reddish brown)  and Sombre ( dark brown)

I have found myself using  Subconscious the most because it just gives the illusion if shadow without the reddish or dark tone. I contour my face, nose and sometimes my jawline to really define my face. It has no reddish tone that I typically tend to get from brown shadows. This one is perfect for my skin tone. shadekatvond (1).jpg

The mirror in this palette is the perfect size. And I just love palette with a handy mirror in it in case I don’t have one around anywhere else. katvondcontourpalette (1)

The palette design itself is beautiful. It has such a whimsical gothic feel to it and it stunning to have around. 

While the price for this palette isn’t the cheapest, I can say with utmost certainty that it is worth the money. This palette will last you such a long time and you can customize your own shade. 

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3 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day.


Hello! I hope you are well. I am a morning person as I love waking up early enough to have more than enough time to take my pups out for their morning walk and make breakfast woWhen I first wake up in the morning, I love feeling the day and letting my mind slowly wake up. With that I also like morning matras. I will be sharing 3 morning matras that will help you start your morning and day in a positive way.  I try and alternate these 3 mantras throughout the week and set myself up for the day.floweryall.jpg

Thank you- The most simple of my matras but it never fails to make me feel instant gratitude for the day. Saying this throughout my morning makes me love getting out of bed and out the door with my pups.

What would You have me do?Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom? – I heard this morning matra quoted from Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back. I love that I can ask these questions and see what happens. If on days where I feel down, If I say these words, I feel like I will guided to a more positive way of thinking and being.

I choose to be happy- I love that I can choose how to feel when I wake up. I don’t always feel happy when I wake up but I can use these words to jump start it and I can go to it if work gets stressful/hectic.

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Review: Wet N’ Wild Megaliner


Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well. I have been using this product for a few months now and mentioned it in my August favorites. Eyeliner is such a staple in my makeup bag. Wet N’ Wild is such an affordable brand yet their products have barely ever disappointed me.

Yes this liner has been out for quite some time, but I have yet to use it until now! I love how dark it is and how quickly it dries. The brush is like a rubber tip which isn’t super thin and makes it a bit difficult to apply how I’d like but If i give myself enough time to work with it, the brush isn’t so bad.  The handle to the brush itself does make up for it as it tapers to have a better grip.wetliner222.jpg

I got the non waterproof version to this liner because I love the simplicity of taking this off at the end of the day without feeling like I rubbed my eye off. However, there is also a waterproof version for those who prefer it. I believe it was under $5 which is amazing. I’ve had mine for about a month and a half and have not even gotten close to reaching the bottom of this liner! Did I also mention that this product is vegan? linerww

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What I Wore to a Wedding!


Hey! Welcome back! I hope you are well. This past weekend, I attended my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I have never been to one before so I was pretty excited. I was not too sure what to wear so my boyfriend’s mom sweetly offered to help me find something. We didn’t have to go hunting for anything because I was able to find my dress and shoes quite easily.  IMG_9952.jpg

The dress is from the Jennifer Lopez collection  at Kohls. I looked online for a link to it, but there are only plus sized version of this dress. (Link here)  This was one of the first dresses Itried on and I just loved it! The floral pattern was so pretty and the length was perfect for my five foot frame. Although the dress did have a button for the cleavage area, I did have to safety pin it a bit more because it was a bit too low for a wedding. This dress was so comfortable! I love the faux wrap style of this dress and the little waist belt to the dress to keep my waist cinched.dresswedding.jpg

I loved the dress but when I found the shoes for it, I was so happy with them We went to Off Broadway for our shoes and as soon as I saw these black velvet platform heels from Zigi Soho Garen , I was done looking for any others. I don’t wear heels very often so I wanted to go for a platform heel. The style of these was just everything I was looking for. Velvet is just so cute and gives the look a different texture to the outfit. They were super easy to walk in and I of course loved the extra height it gave me.platgeel.jpg

I’m not to fussy with accessories so I didn’t wear too much else as far as jewelry goes. I wore this evil eye bracelet and dangle earrings, but that was pretty much it.  braclet.jpg

The lipstick I decided on was Kat Von D’s Lolita. This is such a beautiful mauve pink color that went so well with my dress! I love this liquid lipstick.katlip.jpg  

The wedding itself was so beautiful! They had the ceremony in Knoxville on a roof top in Market Square. The place where guest could lounge around was such a picturesque place I just wanted to move in!  It was such a nice day and everyone was so welcoming and happy. I was very grateful to have been invited and have been gifted my dress and shoes. IMG_9966.jpg

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What’s in my bag?


Hey! Welcome back! I hope you are well.  I have been trying to schedule time for my page since school has started along with working as well, so it has been a bit difficult. However, I am planning out ways to still take photos and plan out posts. So, as the title says my bag contains things that are practical  and that are always in my bag so let’s get to it!

I pretty much always have a lip balm around since my lips are almost always dry. This one from Carmex is one I have been able to get through it without losing it and I really like it! It is medicated which helps greatly!lipcar.jpg

Pen’s are always sitting in my bag. I always tons of pens in my bag, for class, work, etc. penbag.jpg

This EOS hand cream is a product that smells so light, sweet and floraly while keeping my hands nice and moisturized.eoshang.jpg

This Mario Badescue facial spray has seen better days but I always have a facial spray in my bag to freshen up my skin or if I overdid it on the setting spray. I love the rose smell of this stuff ! badescuspray.jpg

Hand sanitizer is essential for me if I’ve been out all day. This sanitizer from the Body Shop smells like creamy coconut and I just love that I don’t smell the alcohol in this. handsan.jpg

A bag of Mint tea goes around with me all the time. I just love the fresh taste of it and if I’ve had coffee already I grab some decaf mint tea! teabag.jpg

This lipstick knife was gifted to me by my boyfriend and I always have it! I love that it’s in the classic black tube with gold. lipknife.jpg

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