Once I am in the zone typing up a blog post, nothing can stop me from putting my camera down.  I have learned a lot since I first hit the publish button a little over a year ago and I wanted to share my blogging essentials with you because we all create differently and choose … More

Fall to do list!

Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well. Fall is right around the corner and personally I am so excited to layer up and drink hot coffee. With a new season comes new goals and new activities and I wanted to create a post fall things I want to do this year. Pumpkin patch … More Fall to do list!

School goals!

Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well. Last week was my first week back to class so I had a lot of adjusting to do. I am commuting an a hour and back 5 days a week and it was a struggle. I was about 40 minutes late the first two days because … More School goals!

Summer Skincare!

Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well! My skincare for summer is very laid back and full of SPF. I don’t use a lot of what I tend to reach for during the fall, winter or spring. My skin tends to get a bit dry at the beginning of the summer, but after … More Summer Skincare!

My go-to hairstyles!

Hey and welcome back! I hope you are well. My hair is long, thick aaaand frizzy when I don’t use the right amount of products. Oh and of course, if the weather is unbearably humid. None of these hairstyles are anything revolutionary to the hair world, but I wanted to share some styles that have become … More My go-to hairstyles!

So why do I blog?

Hello and welcome back! I have written this post before, but I wanted to update and add to it. I have been blogging for about 1 year and a half and each time I plan out my posts, shoot and edit the photos, type up posts and hit the publish button I get so happy … More So why do I blog?