Currently Loving- Fashion Picks

Hey! Welcome back and Happy Valentine's Day! Lately I have been loving the following fashion pieces. I'd say my my style is minimal with touches of staple pieces. I have gathered pieces that I've been reaching for more than others. As you will see, these aren't groundbreaking fashion pieces, but these have been my current … Continue reading Currently Loving- Fashion Picks


New In- Skincare

Hey and welcome back! I picked this spray from Caudalie. It's their Beauty Elixir and it's meant to smooth the skin and give it a radiant look. I have read reviews about this stuff and had to buy it! I have been using it for a few days, but I want to give it some … Continue reading New In- Skincare

Lazy day routine essentials!

Hey and welcome back! We all have days when we just want to do some maintence on ourselves and paint our nails, a nice and rich facial mask, in our pajamas with coffee and a good movie. This post is all about what I do to when I want to give myself a day to … Continue reading Lazy day routine essentials!

3 things that keep me motivated.

Hello and welcome back! A new school semester has started and that means alot of late night study sessions, stressful days and minimal sleep. I have compiled a list of things  that keep me motivated to keep going and keep me pushing to get stuff done!    Think about your support system-The first is to … Continue reading 3 things that keep me motivated.

Everyday makeup essentials!

Hey and welcome back! You know those products you can't go a single day without using? We all have them and while they might not all be the same products, we know they work like no other!  These are my everyday makeup essentials! The Ordinary Full Coverage foundation- After I prep my skin, I go … Continue reading Everyday makeup essentials!