All About Nail Polish!

Hello! I hope you are well. Nail polish is something I have always loved. Onced I learned about all the dangerous chemicals that they had, I quickly stopped using them. I did some research to find ones that were less toxic and/or cruelty-free. I found that I already had many nail polishes that were free from many toxic chemicals like Wet N’ Wild! While Revlon is part of 3rd party animal testing, they are a 5-free formula! And Mineral Fusion has some lovely cruelty-free and 4-free polishes! So let’s jump into these!

Mineral Fusion was in Ulta, but has since been replaced by Pacifica. Mineral Fusion can still be found online and is 100% Vegan and 4-free (Toluene, Camphor,DBP, Formaldehyde Free and of course, cruelty free)I love the color selection they carry. I have this red hot color, Blaze and a base coat. (Base coat and Crimson Clay) mineralfusionpolish.jpg

Wet N’ Wild is 100% cruelty free and their nail polishes are 3-free (No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates) I love the price and of course the amazing colors and finishes! I have been using Wet N’ Wild for as long as I can remember and never knew they were a cruelty-free/mostly vegan brand! Go Wet N’ Wild! My staple colors is this black and dark red brick color. (Black and Haze of Love )wetnwildpolish (1).jpg

Revlon was considered a cruelty-free brand until is was discovered that they were selling in China, where animal testing was required. They are no longer considered cruelty-free for that reason, but they’re nail polishes are 3-free (Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP free). I am in love with these shades ( Totally Toffee & Serene) revlonpolish.jpg

Last is from Zoya. This polish is 4-free (Formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor  free) They are not officially certified as a cruelty free brand by a third party.  They don’t use any animal/bi products and they don’t test on animals. I love this color  (Sage) It is a pastel minty color. zoyapolish.jpg

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