Records, Records, Records

Hello! Music is a very personal thing to me because it got me through those awkward and tough times in junior high/high school. I love that it mentally transports me back to a certain time. When records started coming back, I was constantly on the hunt for a record player and would go to the thrift store to find records. I had records before I even had a player. I love the sound a record player gives because it is so pure and you really do hear the true sound of the music that you wouldn’t hear if you were listening to it online, etc. Me and my boyfriend have accumluated records  over the years and while I am still on the hunt for those on my wishlist, I do have a handful of favorites that I wanted to share with you. 


The first is Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. This record is so beautiful and I love hearing his voice vibrate my living room walls as I get ready for the day.  Bob Dylan’s music always puts me in a dreamy mood. dylanrecord.jpg

Favorite Songs: Girl From the North Country, A Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan’s Dream

The only thing southern about me is my love of biscuits and gravy, sweet tea and my love for the music of Johnny Cash. We recently were gifted The Legend of Johnny Cash and oh my goodness, I was ecstatic to be able to hear his music in this format. cashrec.jpg

Favorite Songs: Folsom Prison Blues, Jackson, Cry, Cry, Cry.

The Beatles will always have a special place in my heart because the time when I first listened to their music was a time where I was just about to graduate highschool and I was starting to see that life was about to change for me. This record was a true treasure that I believe is a greatest hits record. beatles.jpg

Favorite Songs. Eight Days a Week, I’ll Follow The Sun, In My Life, Norwegian Wood.

The last is the soundtrack of Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It is just the score but I am absolutely in love with the music. Audrey Hepburn was an inspiration for me during high school and after seeing Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Moon River was such a magical melody especially with Audrey Hepburn’s voice. batrecord2.jpg

And last is Nirvana-Nevermind. This album is amazing from start to finish and I love how gritty Kurt’s voice is and the way it sounds coming through the record player. It sounds so pure and clear. 

nirvanarecrods.jpgFavorite Songs: In Bloom, Territorial Pissings, Drain You

Record Wish List: Now, Now-Threads, The Descendents- Milo Goes to College, Death Cab For Cutie- Transatlanticism, The Cranberries- Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

Thanks for reading!

– Sam



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