Night-time skincare routine!

Hello! When I began a skincare routine, I would have way more than I should have and would layer product after product. Recently, I cut down immensely to just the essentials that I knew worked for me. I went from applying layer after layer of products and I never truly saw a difference. Depending on if I needed to treat a spot or two, now the products would go to are aroud 4-5. My night time skincare routine is that is all about hydration so lets talk!

I have fallen into the Micellar Water craze to take my makeup off. I’ve been so resistant against using it for the longest time, but I don’t like how my face feels after using coconut oil or makeup wipes to do the job because my face will be left feeling oily or soaking. So I thought, why not try something new that could potentially make my face feel good after taking my makeup off. This micellar water from Garnier makes my face feel so soft and it takes half the time it usually takes to remove my makeup.


Once I remove my makeup, I cleanse my face to make sure that I get any residual makeup off. Depending on how my face it looking (breakout, rough skin,etc.) I will use my H20 Cleanser or my Garnier Pore Purifying Cleanser. I use my Vanity Planet Brush to clean my face and will switch the exfoliator and cleanse brush head out every other day.


My face is now feeling free of makeup, dirt and is squeaky clean. Now it’s time to reintroduce my skin to some moisture. I go to my Dermasil oil-free facial moisturizer. This is a rich and thick moisturizer that leaves my face so quenced with hydration.Β 


After I have let Dermasil do it’s magic and absorb, I go for Deciem’s Hyaluronic Acid, drop about 2-3 drops into my palm and press it into my skin, focusing on any dry patches. Deciem has become a new skin care love of mine and I am in love with this product.


Once my skin is nice and moisturized, If there are any spots or oncoming spots, I will either go to my Garnier Clay Pore Cleanser or my Indian Healing Clay mask and apply a dot onto any problem areas. And that’s that! I am really wanting to incorportate an eye cream so if you have any reccommendation, let a girl know!


Thanks for reading!

-Sam A.Β 

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    1. makeuparmor says:

      Thanks girl! πŸ’–

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  1. Wonderful pictures!


    1. makeuparmor says:

      I appreciate it! Thanks so much! πŸ’–

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