Nashville Food- Thai Phooket II

Hello, Hello! Makeup is always fun to talk about, but let’s talk food today.  Ever since I could remember, every weekend, me and my family would go to this Chinese buffet where I grew up. No fail. I have so many memories of that restaurant and still go there when I visit my family. I’ve been living closer to the Nashville area for almost 3 years now and while nothing will compare to that nostalgic resturant where the menu has never changed, this Thai place makes me feel so happy everytime I visit. 

Thai Phooket II is located in Madison, TN and it is the place for CURRY….among other amazing dishes. I am such a lover of curry dishes ever since I first began waiting tables. This restaurant is small with about 20 tables, but there is such a happy, friendly and laidback vibe from the first time I came to this place.

I love Thai Tea and their brew is one of the best I’ve had. Sweet enough without over doing it with the cream/half&half. As for appetizers, I usually go for the clear spring rolls with shrimp. It is served with a peanut sauce. I cannot explain how much these make me feel complete. Love love. 


Meat lover? General Tso Chicken or Beef? Are you a vegan? You have many options as well. Personally, curry is my jam. I have tried about 3-4 different curry dishes and have adored each one of them. There is a green curry, red curry, panang, etc. In the pictures below I believe I ordered the Massamun Curry w/ Tofu. I loved the cashews, potatoes and the vegetables in this dish. Other times when I don’t want something too spicy, I go for the Sassy Curry which is the Pineapple Curry…..soooooo good. The basil, mushrooms and of course, the pineapple is magical. 


For price range, it is very affordable and I always feel like I am getting more than I paid for. I’m never able to finish my curry….leftover heaven!

Thai Phooket II has such variety, the atmosphere is so positive and inviting and the food is to die for. I am so happy that I found this restaurant. Do you live in Nashville and haven’t tried this place?


Thai Phooket – Downtown Nashville Location

Thai Phooket II -Madison, TN Location

Thanks for reading…


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