Current Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me

Hello! Let’s talk foundation..

I have been struggling with foundations lately. Particularly drugstore foundations because they are so limited in color and tones. I have found very few that have acheived a matte finsih while also controlling my oily t-zone. My t-zone tends to get oily after a few hours and I am someone who uses very minimal powder because I hate feeling all powdery. 

Now I have heard so much about Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation and I was very iffy about buying it because I was never really fond of any of Maybelline’s foundations. However, this foundation was about $6 at the drugstore and I noticed they catered to normal, dry and oily skin and I have never really seen this before. So, I gave in and picked up the Fit Me foundation Matte+Poreless in Soft Tan. 


Game changer….

The very first time I applied this foundation, it was like I applied a filter that covered my imperfections, pores while also controlling my oily t-zone. I have never used a foundation that has acheived such an instant matte look. I was able to also find the perfect color that fit my skin tone. I am very happy with this foundation as it checks everything off on my list that I look for. Affordable, nice medium coverage, super blendable, long lasting…the list goes on! 

Tell me about your favorite drugstore foundation!

Much love, 



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