May Newbies

Hello Hello! After months of non-stop homework, writing papers and working on projects, my Spring semester is finally over and I am now on break for a few months so why not celebrate with new makeup!?

I made my first Makeup Revolution purchase today and I’m pretty excited about it! Their Liquid Eye Primer and Sealant has an oil consistency. It feels quite light so I hope it does the job of keeping my shadow and liner all together!


The next is one that has been talked about for years and I am just now trying it out! Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer is one I have been hearing about for so long, so I have no idea how I’ve never tried it! 


NYX cosmetics is my favorite brand and I am always elated when I buy a new product from them. This time around I picked up an eye shadow base and an eyebrow pencil. I am so antsy to try the eyebrow pencil! 


DSC_1426 (2).jpg

New makeup always makes my day so I will be trying all of these products tomorrow morning even though I have no plans but to clean my apartment. It’s the little things in life. If you have tried any of these products let me know how you liked them!!!

Much love, 



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