Review: NYX Faux Whites Eye Brightener

Hello, hello! Spring has sprung and so has NYX’s liner game. Using nude liners in my waterline is the step that always brings my look together. Lately, I have been using this chunky white liner from Wet N’ Wild because I needed SOMETHING to make me look awake. However, this product made my eyes water and it would fade within the hour. Then I made a visit to Ulta (My mothership)

NYX is the first isle I go to when I head over to Ulta. I planned to restock on mascara and a basic nude liner. Then the seas parted and my eyes steer to these beautiful pastel packaged liners. I didn’t even question it and grabbed a few colors. The color on the back of my hand was super pigmented and did not easily rub off my skin. nyxeye.jpg

The next day I got ready to work a 12 hr shift and thought this would be a good test to see how these bad boys work. I wear contacts and working such a long day, they tend to water but after such a long day, these liners really did the job. I am so impressed with the staying power these have without making my eyes water. The color stayed in my waterline and never fully faded. These are the strongest nude liners I have come across.

I wore Vanilla in this picture and it stayed on during my 12 hr shift:


These liners come in 8 lovely pastel hues from pinks to greens and beyond. They are the standard white liner but with a touch of baby pink, blue, lavender, yellow, etc. 

I purchased Seashell which is a pale pink:


And Vanilla, a pastel yellow:


The colors do not show too much, it’s simply a gentle wash of color. I love these little liners. It’s an spring like spin on white/nude liners. 

Buy one or all of them here!

Thanks for reading!




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