Review:Lush Cosmetics: No Drought Dry Shampoo

Hello Hello! It’s been too long since I last posted. I’ve missed it dearly but school and work have both been stressing me out lately. Papers, projects and finals are coming up so I have been focusing a bit more on that lately, but I got a bit ahead of the game so I thought I’d give a review on Lush Cos. Dry Shampoo!


From the moment dry shampoo came to light, I always loved giving my hair a day or two without washing. However, I’ve tried countless dry shampoos from different brands and they all left my hair feeling heavy and more dirty than if I went without using it in the first place! I also like to opt for a more natural product whenever I can so when I stumbled upon this dry shampoo from Lush I was excited to use it.

IMG_3993.jpgMy excitement turned into skepticism because up until this point, I have never found anything that really helped those inbetween days. I asked an associate if he’d heard any postive things about this product and he says that this dry shampoo leaves you hair feeling soft and not sticky like other dry shampoos tend to do. I was still doubtful but I thought I’d give it a try.Β 

No Drought Dry Shampoo is lime and grapefruit scented. It also contains cornflour which is very finely milled so it is able to absorb oils very well, according to research I did on this type of flour. Β 


Directions say to put directly into the hair and work it in with your hands. Then brush to evenly distribute the product though the hair. After using it the very first time, I noticed my hair feel lighter and my hair felt so clean, while also giving me some volume. And if you have dark hair, you know how other dry shampoos can leave your hair with a white/gray tint? This one blends so well and leaves it looking clean.The smell of this product is very light and fresh and I actually really like this product especially since it is 100% natural.

Buy yours hereΒ and tell me how you like it!



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