Review: Indian Healing Clay Mask

Hello hello! Midterm exams are done and I am on spring break. This semester of studying, working and trying to find the time to pamper myself has been a trying time. I love using facial masks because I love looking like a little monster and having my face cleansed and deep cleaned. One day, I saw Mindy Kaling (Kelly of The Office and Mindy from The Mindy Project) talk about the Indian Healing Clay Mask. I look at reviews and videos of people trying it and I decide to get it myself to try it out. 


This clay is in powder form and is made with 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. Free of any necessary ingredients, this mask is made my adding equal parts of either water or apple cider vinegar.  Use nonmetal bowl/utensils. Using metal to mix this will cause the bentonite clay to activate. You want it to activate on your face/etc! At first, I used this mask and mixed it with water for about a year. My face never seemed to reap any benefits from doing this. I tried mixing it with apple cider vinegar for the first time just a few days a ago and I noticed my face was pulsating, and bubbles started forming.

After leaving it on for about 20 min. I washed it off and my face was rosy and looked plump and clean.  I felt like this mask was actually doing its magic. The next day, so many people where saying how clean and smooth my face looked and after one use of using this mixture! If your face is more on the sensitive side, use the water mixture. If you want to try it out with apple cider vinegar, test a small area of you skin first.


This mask can be used for you body, hair, feet etc. and it is super cheap. I got my 1 pound mask for about 8 bucks. This masks may be a bit more work and may be a bit messy, but I have the peace of mind that I know what is going on my skin because I mixed it myself and it is as natural as it gets. 

Buy yours here!

Thanks for reading!


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