5 Holy Grail Products!

Hello hello! 

We all have those products that we can’t imagine not having. Those products that we will repurchase and not even question it. They are out staples that give our conscious peace, because we know it’s a perfect product and won’t let us down. These are my 5 holy grail products!

I have gone through so many eyeliners from both E.L.F to Benefit and none of them have given me what I wanted until Hard Candy’s Walk The Line Liner in Asphalt. When I bought this liner, I was super intimidated to use it because the brush is long and the formula is so watery. But after using it a few times, I noticed that this liner is so so beautifully dark, it stays where you apply it and it will not fade or smudge once it is dry, and with using fake lashes, it doesn’t gloop onto my lashes. I could go on and on about this liner but all in all, I LOVE THIS LINER. 


The next is a product that I have recently been using, but I can already tell it is going to be in  my makeup bag for a while. It is NYX’s Skinny Mascara in black. This mascara surprised me when I saw the brush. It is the smallest brush I have ever seen, but as soon as I used it, I fell in love with how it grabbed all of those lash hairs on my bottom lid. It gave me a doll eye look without the clumps. This mascara is super dark and really gives my lashes such length.


The next product is one I talked about sooo much when I first started my blog, but I am still using it every single day and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it. It is the ever so loved Morphe’s 35o palette. The 35o is like the epitome of a perfect eyeshadow for me. This palette can create so many warm toned looks whether it be matte or shimmer. I am still all about this palette.(Mine is very messy and gross but it just shows just how much I have used this product)


The next is a very simple product but to me, it makes all the difference. It is a nude liner from Wet N’ Wild. There are so many brands that sell nude liner but this one from W&N is just as good and it cost $1. This liner is the difference from looking like I had no sleep to looking like I’ve slept for a week straight. Apart from using this as a waterline liner, I also found that this is perfect for fixing up eyeliner mistakes. 

The last is a highlight that I have also been using consistently since I purchased it. Coloupop’s Wisp is the perfect highlight for my skintone. It is perfect for a subtle highlight, but it is also buildable to create a dewy, luminous glow. I love that this is a creamy consistency so it will lay soft on my skin instead of powdery like other highlighters tend to do. This was my first Colourpop purchase this highlight is all things perfect. 






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