Aim for 2017

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Hello hello!

The word “resolution” and the practice of  having a “clean slate” once the clock turns 12 isn’t something that I am a fan of. Instead of starting off with a “clean slate” I am aiming to pick up where I left off and I feel very positive and empowered about it. Here is what I am aiming to do in the the year of 2017:
1. Eat Healthier – I know, I know, doesn’t everyone have this goal for the New Year? It’s never a bad time to want to improve on yourself by having a healthier lifestyle. I am a pescatarian and have been for 3 years, but I have been slacking on cooking raw and plant based foods. I am someone that buys those frozen veggie patties and chik’n teriyaki meals and calls it a day, but since the year started, I have been watching so many videos about the health benefits about incorporating raw plants and foods. Here we go! 

2. Create More- I started this blog a year ago and it was a huge step for me. I had always wanted to start a blog because I have always been writing and taking pictures. Since then, I have improved on my photography skills and have gotten a lot more comfortable with writing and sharing my thoughts online. This year, I am aiming to create more content and extend my creativity.

3. Stop worrying- Ever since I can remember, I have always been worrying about what people think about me. When I am out and about, I feel like a creep taking my phone out to take pictures in restaurants or even outside. I am aiming to create more and not worry about what people think, because a lot of the time, people aren’t even paying attention to others around them. I need to stop worrying and just start having fun and living my life how I want. 

What are you aiming to do this year? Let me know! 

Thanks, Sam


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