MAC Selena Collection- Lipstick Review

Hello again!

My mom and Selena were the first people I saw wear red lipstick. Since then, I have been obsessed with it and once I was old enough, I wore it everywhere.
Selena was someone who represented me and my Mexican-American sisters. When MAC
 announced a collection inspired by Selena, I became so emotional because it shows that she lives on and that people haven’t forgotten about her. 

As soon as her collection came out, it had been nearly impossible for me to get my hands on any items. That is until my sister came through for Christmas and gifted me one her lipsticks! MAC Selena collection embodies her, from the color packaging that is the exact shade of purple as that jumpsuit she wore while performing at one of her concerts, to the names of the products:

Como La Flor, Dreaming of You and Amor Prohibido just to name a few product names that were originally song titles of Selena.


Dreaming  Of You is a true red matte shade that to me, is the staple shade that I always see Selena wearing in photos. This color is a blue toned red and goes on so smoothly. As soon as I opened this lipstick, I had to try it on. However, my lips were dry at the time but I just couldn’t go through the process of exfoliating, moisturizing and prepping my lips for lipstick. Typically if I don’t prep my lips, my lipstick will dry into my lips and it will feel horrible. 


To my surprise, as I was applying Dreaming Of You, I felt like my lips were being moisturized. About 30 min. later, I sat down to eat dinner and had completely forgotten I was even wearing lipstick because my lips felt so light and moisturized! This never happens because my lips are as dry as a desert about 70% of the time (So attractive, right?)

This shade is so beautiful and I instantly want to balia esta cumbia!

I am so proud as a Mexican-American women that MAC collaborated with Selena’s sister to create this collection. This collection is sold out so for those who have Dreaming of You, tell me how you like it!

Thanks, Sam


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