All About Plants

Plants have always been apart of my life growing up. My mom has always had a forest of so many plants around the house. Once I moved out on my own, I had to have plants of my own because my love for them had grown.


I love plants because they remind me of my mom and because they bring life and color into a living space. I have had many plants since moving out but these are the ones that have lasted me through thick and thin. 

This Sago Palm plant has a super special place in my heart because my mom actually gifted it to me before moving out. Every single time I see it, my mom comes to mind and I feel so happy. I have had this plant for about 2 years and it has grown so much. 


This next plant is one that has also flourished so well since I’ve had it. It sits on my dinner table and it instantly brings just the right amount of decor to it.


Everytime I look at this plant, it’s grown 10 extra leaves. It is the smallest of all the plants I have, but it is one that is so pretty that it almost looks fake.


This last plant is the most recent one I have gotten. I love the pattern it has and the shaped of the leaves. It’s called something along the lines of Elephant Ears plant This plant needs lots of light so it sits right next to my living room window. 


Plants clean your air and add color and life to any space.You don’t need to have a super green thumb to have plants around. Just do some research before you go out shopping for plant friends and if you aren’t the best at keeping plants alive, look for some low maintenance  plants. There are plants for every type of person!



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