Christmas Wish List!


Hello, hello! Christmas is my favorite time of the year….as it it for many other people.  I always go online and add things to my cart that I would love to have…but It typically ends with me leaving the site empty handed. I thought I would make a post of some things I have been eyeing. 

Forever 21 Faux Leather Loafer Mules $24.50 

These loafers make my heart so happy. I don’t know how to describe my style, but I tend to go towards pieces that are more minimal and simple. These loafers are ones that would fit in nicely with my style. I’ve been seeing so many bloggers and vloggers wearing shoes with a similar style and I like how Forever 21 has made it their own. 

Audio-Technica Bluetooth AT-LP60 Vinyl Record Player  $180

I would love to have a record player again. The sound quality that comes out of these players is phenomenal. This one by Audio-Technica is so sleek and would make me so happy. 

Bob Dylan’s The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan on Vinyl $27.54

This has got to be one of my favorite albums by Bob Dylan. I can only imagine the quality that I am missing out on by not having this on vinyl. Bob Dylan, you are a poetic genius.

13 in. MacBook Pro $1,499

I like taking photos, editing them and working on this blog. A MacBook would make it that much easier to edit and work on this blog. I currently have a chromebook and while it does the job, knowing that there is something out on the market that is full of the programs and storage I need, I would like to upgrade. One day…It’ll happen. 

Glam Glow Masks $49-$69

I have gotten super into skincare products this year. I want to give my skin all that it needs while obviously being able to afford it at the same time. I am also someone who loves facial masks. I love how I can look like a little green monster while my skin is being pampered. The Glam Glow masks look like magic and I haven’t seen any negative reviews about it. My skin is dying to experience the glam glow hype. 

I’m sure I’ll be mentally adding in some more items, but as of now, these are calling my name. What’s on your Christmas wish list?!


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