October Favorites!

This month was one that included favorites that range from coffee to beauty oils. A few of these favorites that I listed will be some that I have had, but have gone back to. 

The first favorite for October is from Physician’s Formula. It is the Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil. I have had this product for several months and initially used it as a night oil. I stopped using it after a a few weeks and threw it in my bin where all of the other EH products g0. It wasn’t until the end of the summer when I kept seeing people use beauty oils. I googled “beauty oils” and what came up but this one by Physicians Formula. I have issues with my foundation looking super dry and caked up no matter what I do. I drop 1-3 drops of this oil on my beauty blender and my foundation and concealer blends in seamlessly into my  skin and leaves it looking super dewy and fresh. 


Another one of my favorites is also an oil. It is a sweet almond oil I got from Amazon. NOW Foods Almond Oil  I use this as one of my steps in my night routine. I put 3 drops into my palm and pat it into my skin, really focusing on the dry areas of my face and under my eyes. I instantly notice that my face is so much more supple and glowy. I have also noticed that alot of my acne scars have lightened up. 


I purchased a new foundation this month and I am really liking it. It is from the brand No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in the color Honey. I love that this foundation has SPF for some extra protection, but I really like the coverage as with one layer it covers my acne scars and leaves my skin looking poreless and even. The color range this brand carries is also very inviting to girls and boys of all skin tones. No. 7, you have a new fan. dsc_0990-1

The next favorite is a hair care product and I think this is my first one I’ve included since starting my blog. It is Tresemme Expert Selection Perfectly (UN)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam. I use heat on it once a week if at all. I let my hair do it’s thing and don’t really worry about it as much as I used to. However, sometimes I want some extra waves so I picked this product up. As soon as I worked it through my hair the first thing I noticed was the lovely smell that this product gave. I can’t describe the smell other then it would make a perfect candle scent. The second thing I noticed was that my already natural waves were enhanced without the stickiness and gel like feel. I love this stuff!


The last beauty product I received in my October Ipsy Glam Bag and it’s the BeFine Food Skin Exfoliating Cleanser. This smells like a lovely baked good that also cleanses my skin??… Yeah I’m going with it….This product is one I use about every other day to rid my skin of impurities and it’s sugar scrub consistency is one that I can’t get enough of. Thank you Ispy! (Lost the cap to this product, so excuse that)



Now on to some random favorites that I have really been loving. 

Coffee coffee coffee, I love it and am always on the look for new coffee products to try. Califia Cold Brew Cafe Latte with Almond Milk is a true revelation. This coffee is so smooth and not too sweet like typical bottled coffee. It is vegan and soy free which makes this coffee unreal. 


The next favorite is a series on Netflix and it is Haters Back Off. It is weirdly hilarious which includes a home schooler named Miranda who think she is meant for stardom by becoming a Youtube star. I watched the whole season in a day and it left me wanting more. You have to watch it!

Tote bags are so basic and hold more than enough for any girl. I have had this tote bag since the summer and I recently started using it because I can throw notebooks in without having to take a backpack with me. It is such a staple pieces to have in you bag collection. 


If you didn’t read my post titled “Get to know me”, I am a lover of plants and bought a elephant ear plant and it is so beautiful to me. The leaves are so different and almost look plastic. This plant sits in the window of my living room and soaks in the sun. 


The last favorite is a movie that has been released for several years. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my favorite movies. This cinematography by Stuart Dryburgh is so visually beautiful and the plot makes me feel so inspired and fearless. Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty and does such a good job as actor and director for this film. Love Love. 

That does it for my October Favorites. I am looking forward to the next few favorites because it is now November, and the holidays, at least for me, have officially started!



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