Morning Skincare! 

Hello hello!

In the recent months, I have been really getting into skincare and all that it has to offer. So I got a serum, spf etc and now have a morning skincare routine that will get me ready for the day!

The first is from Pacifica and it’s their Sea Change Future Youth Serum. This is the first product I apply to my freshly cleansed morning face and OHMYGOODNESS I love this stuff. It has a gel like consistency and it absorbs so quickly and smells so fresh, leaving my skin super soft.

The next step is to add a second layer of moisture with Mineral Fusion’s Intense Hydration Face Cream. This has got to be my favorite moisturizer simply because it’s 100% vegan and does such a good job at keeping my skin soft and smelling like an aloe plant. (Who doesn’t want to smell like aloe?)

A good skincare routine would not be complete if spf isn’t included. So I went with Coppertone’s Oil-Free 30spf facial lotion. You know when you apply spf and it takes a day and a half for the lotion to absorb? Well, this one absorbs in seconds and doesn’t cast a white layer on your face. Make sure to apply to your neck as well!

And the last product is a makeup primer that was founded by NikkieTutorials and it’s the Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm. When I saw that a shave balm would double as a makeup primer, I was all over it. One, because Nivea has the best scent I have ever encountered in my 22 years. And two, I love the scent of manly smells. You know the strong man scented candles at bath and body works? Those complete my life. And this Nivea balm smells like everything I hoped it would.  Anyways, that’s enough of me babbling about the smell. This balm contains the ingredient glycerin, which is the key to a good primer and applying a penny sized amount is all you need. You will notice that once it dries, it will feel somewhat sticky and that is what is find to hold your makeup in place. I love this product.


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