Mini Lush Buys!

Hey all!

I love Lush for multiple reasons. They are a vegan company with all natural ingredients that make me feel good about using every single one of their products. I’ve purchased bath bombs, shower gel and shaving creams, but for this post I thought I’d give my feet some extra lovin’. During the summer months, I’m not in class, but I wait tables 5 days a week and currently on my break typing up this post for you. By the end of my work week, my feet really need a bit of pampering so of course, I thought I’d get some things from Lush!

The first product I have is called Foot Soak and Fancy Free. This fella is perfect for a mini spa day after a long day or work week. The size of this was twice the size I thought it was so I think I’ll be able to get several good uses out of this. Packed with baking soda, citric acid, lavender oil, and jasmine, epsom and sea salt. Directions say fill up a bowl of warm water and drop the whole product or just break a piece off. The smell isn’t the best but if my feet love it then it’s all good! I’m so excited to use this!



The next smells like an orange dream and it’s called Pumice Power! Obviously by the name of it, this little dollop filled with pumice powder is going to scrub away dead skin while the sweet orange oil will give you lovely soft feet. The first thing I noticed about this product was the amazing orange scent! I usually don’t like orange scented things, but this is already a game changer for me! Just hop in the shower, scrub away and let this citrus scent take you away! This one i’m a bit more excited to use!




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