Coconut Oil, I Love You.

Hi all! When it comes to taking my makeup off, I hate and never want to be taking longer than 5 minutes doing so. I would use baby oil, makeup removing wipes and they all took too long and didn’t take all of my makeup off. One night, I realized I ran out of my makeup wipes so I looked through my storage of skincare things and saw that my Jason’s Coconut Oil takes makeup off. I usually use this as a body lotion/oil. So I  went to take my makeup off with this oil and rubbed it all over my face and wiped it off with a tissue and it took EVERYTHING off! I’ve been using it since then and I have noticed that it has made my eyelashes grow quite long and my skin is super soft and did I mention this is oil is organic and vegan and it smells amazing?! What is better than coconut oil! I just bought myself another jar of this magic stuff and let me tell you, it comes with a super generous amount of product and it was only $6.99!



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