Makeup Brushes!

We’ve all seen those Artis makeup brushes that help makeup stay on longer, blend better and give an flawless look. Trust me, when those brushes debuted I was craving to get my hands on them. So my excited self went to their shop online and I was ready to buy them when I came across the price for a foundation brush. $80 for a brush was not in my budget and i’m sure it’s not in many of yours as well. But Amazon, being one of the best places to buy pretty much anything, they had dupe versions of the brush I was eyeing and I bought it for under $5! Today was my first day using it and I had to keep reminding myself not to tap in the product, but to brush my foundation on. As soon as I finished my foundation, I quickly saw that it made my skin look airbrushed and it looked like i’ve never seen it. Buy those Artis brushes if it’s in your budget and work it girl. However, if you can’t spend that money, go to Amazon and buy a perfectly good dupe for them now!



The second brush is a dupe for Morphe’s M460 1 1/2 Flat Contour Brush. I’ve been really wanting a brush that it thin enough for me to have more control over doing my contour. Morphe’s contour brush is $10 dollars without shipping and tax. I almost caved and bought it but I wanted to check Amazon to see if I could find a brush similar to Morphe. I did and found it for $2.60. This short bristle brush gives me way more control and precision of my contour and it has made it so much easier for me to achieve the contoured look I want.






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