Favorite Beauty Bloggers

I first started watching makeup tutorials when I was in high school. The very first beauty blogger that sparked a greater interest in makeup and blogging was U.K.based, Beauty Crush, Samantha Maria. She was the person who introduced me to E.L.F and all of the amazing products that soon became one of my favorite makeup brands. Her YouTube channel is one I would visit on a weekly basis to check for new videos. Her videos range from beauty reviews, tutorials and talks about girl things to fashion look books and travel vlogs. All of her videos are full of such artistic talent and creativity. Her website has posts dedicated to her many interests and talents, style, fashion, beauty, food, travel, etc. She and boyfriend Jason David,  are now creators of fashion label Novem & Knight, so nothing is impossible for this blogger. Follow her on Instagram to see her lovely posts!

Estee Lalonde is also a U.K. based beauty blogger who is an amazingly creative in her own right. Her blog essiebutton.com/ esteelalonde.com consists of beauty, diy, food, travel fashion and lifestyle. Pretty much everything I’m interested in, she has made countless posts involving my interests. She is talented, goofy and full of entertaining and informative videos and posts. Her YouTube  channel is in my top favorites! Her book, Bloom is currently being published and is set to be released October 4, 2016. It will include her perspective on her travels, life, beauty, interior decor and many more! Preorder here!




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