Favorite Makeup Brushes!

Makeup brushes are those lovely magic wands that transform our faces into whatever we want to create that day. I’ve been using brushes for a few years and in that time, I have gathered up a team of brushes that have become my all time favorites!  Concealer brushes can be used as smudger brushes, foundation brushes can be used as a concealer brush! Use makeup brushes however you want because there are little rules to makeup!


Real Techniques Sculpting Brush ($9.99) – I love and use this brush for multiple reasons. This brush is so dense so it makes it extremely easy to apply foundation and to blend in concealer. I currently use this brush to contour my face and it makes it so easy for me to contour my cheekbones and jawline.


Posh Brow Brush ($8) (Brush no longer sold, but similar is linked) -This brush is one I use to do my eyebrows. I’ve had this brush for years and can’t see myself using any other. The angled side is thin so it makes a precise line for eyebrows. I use the concealer side as a smudge brush.



Danielle Concealer Brush (4.99 @ Burke’s Outlet) – This brush is my favorite to clean up my eyebrows. The soft bristles and thin brush itself make it a quick and easy way to leave my eyebrows exactly how I want them.


Morphe E28 Round Brush ($6.99) – This brush was mentioned by Bretman Rock as one of his favorites brushes for eyeshadow blending and he was totally right about it. This brush is the first one that has made it easy to blend my eyeshadow. It’s so soft and doesn’t feel scratchy no matter how long much I blend. I use this brush every single day and love it more with each use.


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