Night Routine

My night routine was very similar to my morning routine, but I’ve added and/or taken out a few products to now include these items:

First I start by taking off my makeup. I really love using Equate’s Night-Time Soothing Make-up removing towelettes have a lavender scent that is light, lovely and calming. I’ve tied various others from this brand but these lavender scented ones are my favorite and they take off your make up without you having to you various towelettes. One will do just fine.


After I remove my makeup, I wash my face. My cleanser really depends on how my face is looking that night. Some nights, it would use a facial scrub and others it just needs a normal cleanser. Tonight, I am going to use my Neutrogena’s Microdermabrasion System. This really does an amazing job at removing dead skin and getting deep into my pores. I am left with smooth skin.


Now I go for my No.7 Toner and a cotton ball and go over my face with a layer of this. It balances my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean. I let this toner absorb into my skin.


Now to moisturize your skin. I go for my Clinque Dramtic Difference Moisturizer. This has saved my skin from countless winter/summer days.


And that’s it! I’m ready to be lazy and watch Netflix!


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