Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

It can sometimes be a hassle to clean your makeup brushes, but it is recommended that one clean your brushes once a week  Knowing how to clean your brushes can save you your clear skin and quality of your brushes. Let’s think of it this way: You use your foundation brush and it’s naturally picking up any bacteria and/or oils from your skin. If these brushes are left unwashed for months, those germs have now built up in your brush and may have been causing those pesky breakouts that seem to pop up randomly. To prevent this inconvenience and keep your brushes and face clean and healthy you can use a variety of soaps. Several brands even have products specialized to clean your brushes. Personally, I like to use anti-bacterial hand soap.

To clean your brushes you will need:

1: Dish/hand soap

2: A clean bath towel

Take your first brush and dampen the brush.

Then apply an appropriate amount of soap for your brush.

Keeping true to the shape of the brush,work up a lathe into the bristles. Be gentle with your brushes. Aggressively cleaning it can change the shape of the brush and mess up the bristles.

Rinse your brush making sure not to overly wet the metal part holding the bristles together.

Tap your brush against your sink to shake off the excess water.

Place your brushes on a clean bath towel.

And thats its! Your brushes are free from bacteria, oils and are now squeaky clean!IMG_4451.png


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  1. Hi Sam. I use Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo for my brushes’ weekly “bath”. For in between uses on myself I use a brush cleaning spray but if I need to properly sanitise brushes between uses on different days I rinse them in a few drops of Isopropyl alcohol (not easy a to get hold of but effective) and dab them on layers of tissues to remove the alcohol and dry.

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  2. makeuparmor says:

    I’ve noticed that dish soap tends to leave my brushes feeling rough, so I think I’ll start using baby shampoo and brush cleaning spray. Thanks for sharing your method! 💖


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