Morning Routine

I’ve always heard that it’s a good idea to have some sort of routine before you apply your makeup. I would start having a routine, use it for the first few mornings, then later stop following it all together. It wasn’t until I made myself stick to a routine, that I finally gathered up products that work for my skin, that I finally set up a routine and began my morning skincare routine.

I start out my washing my face with the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar ($5.00) I just bought this new cleanser the other day and as I washed my face I instantly noticed that once I dried my face off, my skin didn’t feel tight and dry. It felt very smooth and clean. This cleansing bar locks in moisture 3x longer and is appropriate for dry to normal skin and it actually helps hands that are chapped, people with dry skin and psoriasis prone skin. I really like this cleanser so far and since it’s a bar, I feel like it will last me longer than a cleanser bottle will.IMG_4321.JPG

After I wash my face, Β I use Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizer+ ($26.00) and it’s one of the most moisturizing creams i’ve used. It smells fresh and feels like a drink of water for my face and neck. I am currently on my second bottle of this moisturizer and don’t see myself using any other because the quality is simply out of this world.


I then use Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream (on sale for $5.00, normally $8.99 at Target) I believe they’ve changed the packaging. This hypoallergenic eye cream contains gentle ingredients that moisturize amazingly and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I have been using this cream twice on a daily basis and it has done all this things except for reducing my fine lines. This eye cream does a perfect job at moisturizing the delicate skin under my eyes. I just dot a bit of product under my eyes and use my ring finger to blend it all in.


This is where I use my 10.0.06 Picture Perfect Day SPF 15 Moisturizer ($6.99) Applying sunscreen is extremely vital to healthy skin. This is a lightweight moisturizer that gives the scent of the Superfruit Guava and is filled with Vitamin C. The smell is a bit strong for for my liking but the protection it gives me helps me ignore the scent. I just apply a layer of that all over my face and neck.


And that’s it. I am now ready to apply my makeup with clean and moisturized skin!


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