Eyebrow Tutorial

I’ve gone through some crazy eyebrow phases. I plucked them too much that I ended up with half an eyebrow. And once i did start filling them in, I would fill them with a dark eye pencil so much that my entire eyebrow would be close to pitch black. It wasn’t until I learned to begin to live by the words “less it more”. My eyebrows now look more natural and aren’t one solid color thanks to the routine I have recently been using.

Products used: E.L.F Clear Brow and Mascara($2) Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade($18), Any black eyeshadow, Angled and concealer brush.

I begin by brushing the E.L.F Clear Brow and Lash Mascara  through my brows.  It is double sided mascara for your brows and lashes. I use both sides solely for my brows.



(1)Then I use an angled brush and the pomade (a little goes a long way) and follow the shape of my lower eyebrow. (2)I do the same to the top of the eyebrow. Only from the middle to the tail end of it. Really concentrate on the tail end.IMG_4224.JPG

(3)Then I start to blend the product in my brows, making sure i don’t blend too much product to the front of the brow. (4)I then lock the product in my using a black eyeshadow and going over the product. Again, focusing from the middle to the tail end.

(5 &6) Then i use concealer on the lower eyebrow to clean it up and my foundation for the top of the brow. And there we have it!brows.jpg


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